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  • Because we build our houses out of wood here in the USA unlike Europe which uses stone and brick we essentially live in a tinder box. So when fire hits not only does it spread fast it can cause major damage. The main cause of most home fires is still hot oil fryers in the kitchen and people not extinguishing cigarettes properly and next thing you know the place is on fire. After the fire department have extinguished the flames you will not only have fire and smoke damage but water damage which is miserable because you will not be able to live in the home for a while until its fixed.

    We suggest you call us straight after the fire because we need to come in and get the place looked at straight way. Not only that, the place needs to be protected so we will bored the place up for you and put a mesh fence around the place to stop intruders snooping in there and looting stuff. Depending on when it happens night or day we can get a team out there to help you so make sure you call us straight away.

    After we have looked over the damage we will prepare a report and work with yourself and your insurance company to cost out the clean up and repair. Once we get the ok we will start with tearing out the damaged plaster board and inspect to see if any beams and studding were breached. We will clean up the water and get the fans working to get rid of every bit of dampness. We will also have to address the smoke smell in the house, which will be all the way through the home so our air decontaminates will be sprayed to break down the odor and air the place out. Depending on the extent of the damage we expect you to be out of the property for sometime until it’s at 100%. We really don’t want you moving back in to place when it’s still not safe.

    Once the building is free of contaminates such as smoke and fire damage and looking back to the way it was prior to the fire we will do the hand over and get you back in there. Our team is here to address any questions you might have and deal with the dreaded insurance claim form to help you through the process and understand it.

    What you can expect from us:
    • 24 hour call out coverage for fire and smoke emergencies
    • Heater puff back recovery
    • Boarding up and home securing service
    • Assessment and repair work
    • Structure reports
    • Visual Inspection

    We have an array of services so we will always be here to help you out when you encounter any fire and smoke damage in Passaic and the surrounding areas.

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our services

  • Water damage repair
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Flood water extraction
  • Mold remediation
  • Puff back clean up
  • Basement drying
  • Storm relief
  • Boarding up services
  • Home disaster clean up
  • Home disaster repair



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