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  • Mold is not only a health hazard it’s also pretty ugly looking and once you spot it you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Damp spaces will cause mold so if you have had an area that has experienced some water and not dried properly it is going to cause this issue.

    Rising damp could be the main cause of the mold and if this is the case you are going to need some equipment to locate where the source of it is coming from. By using thermal and ultra sound equipment we can inspect a property without the need for tearing up floor boards and going in to the walls. In a worst case scenario you might have structural rising damp with means we have to get under the property to fix the problem but once it’s fixed your place will feel much warmer and you will no longer have mold issues. We will assess the problem and treat any areas infected by mold and make sure there is no structural damage and everything is good.

    Once you do discover mold you really should call us because trying to get rid of it yourself can be dangerous as you are breathing these spores in and it can have adverse effects on your health. Bleach is never going to cut it because it does not kill the mold the problem will just get worse and you will get frustrated and not only are you wasting time you are wasting money. We work with many residents in the Passaic area so we are well established with a great track record and good references. We want to provide the public with a healthy environment and we like the fact that we can do that.

    One of more of our mold remediation team will be assigned to survey the premises and calculate data found from the site. It will then be analyzed to see if the mold has got to the point where you have to move out of the place until it has been treated. You will normally have an indication if the mold has got to this level because the spores can cause you to have a runny nose and watery eyes all the time and a persistent cough. And in some cases breathing issues which if you do notice you should see a Dr Straight away. Mold and fungi is no joke! And we will make sure don’t spend another minute in your home if it’s a threat to you.

    Black Mold is the biggest threat we might find in your home and in this case we will carry out the removal task under the correct procedure to ensure it’s gone for good. We have the right chemical compounds to break it down and get rid of it and make your residence safe again. You will get from us as follows.

    • Moisture tests
    • Analysis
    • Visual Inspection
    • Advice on removal
    • Free quotation
    • A full report on the cause and solution
    • Humidity verification
    • Rising damp inspection

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  • Mold remediation
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