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  • North Haledon is one of those places that does get a good amount or rain and when the rain starts our phones normally light up with customers calling about water damage coming through their roofs or unsealed window areas. It’s not uncommon and after the great summer months in North Haledon the first sweep of rain always brings this. But the one good thing is you have us to help you out with water damage in North Haledon, our team are on call to get to you quickly and fix the problem at hand and get rid of the water damage.

    Water damage can also occur when there is a cold snap due to a harsh winter, if you have exposed pipes they can crack and break open so it’s important that all the piping is insulated if it’s exposed to the elements in say a garage or running outside of a house. We have had many clients call us to say this has happened to them and it’s normally from leaving the garage open and the frost getting to the pipes. If this is the case call our company straight away and we will be out to fix the problem before any major damage is done.

    Things to look out for with water damage in North Haledon
    • A drop in water pressure
    • Mold appearing in areas around the house
    • Sagging ceilings or water marks around the property
    • The property feeling damp
    • Exposed pipes that could be prone to cold weather
    • Minor leaks

    All of the fore mentioned could be a good indication you are suffering from water damage or are exposed to potential water damage.

    We not only deal with water damage in North Haledon we also help combat mold and fire and smoke damage and if you have flooding then we will also pump out the water for you and dry the place. Another common thing that happens when the winter months roll in to North Haledon is a thing called puff back which is where your heater splutters out a great deal of soot all over the room because it’s not been turned on in a while. It’s like a mini volcano going off as the whole place will stink and the damage can be pretty extensive. We have the tools to clean the place up and get rid of the soot and smoke smell that will be the cause. If this happens to you then don’t panic just simply pick up the phone and call your local puff back technician who can come out and give you a quote to fix the affected area.

    Once of the dampest places in a house will be the basement, you can sometimes smell the dampness down there so don’t let that dampness spread to the rest of the house. Address it now and have us come out and dry it for you and detect where the dampness is coming from with us using special thermal imaging tools. We will detect it quickly and we can seal the area and get it back to being a warm space for you so it can be used as a livable area.

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  • Water damage repair
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Flood water extraction
  • Mold remediation
  • Puff back clean up
  • Basement drying
  • Storm relief
  • Boarding up services
  • Home disaster clean up
  • Home disaster repair



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