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  • When a surge of water hits you from heavy rainfall it’s time to act fast because as we saw with hurricane Sandy the aftermath and home clean up was extensive and this was our busiest time in helping people get water out of their homes and getting them fixed and livable again. We never want to get business that way so it was hard for us to see people so upset so we worked hard to make sure insurance companies helped these people and we worked 7 days a week 14 hour days sometimes to get homes to what they should be and livable again.

    Sandy being the 2nd most costliest in US history taught us one thing, you have to be prepared in an emergency and should it be a home flooding due to a burst pipe or failed water heater or a mega storm have our number on hand so if disaster strikes we can be the first out to you to minimize damage and help you stop the water. We have sandbags and pumps that get the water out and also drying equipment to quickly run so the water seeps less in to any plaster board or floors.

    You want to act fast because not only is standing flood water an issue to one’s health it can also be dangerous if you have live electricity still turned on. A deadly current does not need much water to fry someone so call us for advice and don’t touch anything until we get out there in the event of an emergency.

    We want to avoid any potential mold growth in the unit and flood water will cause that, damp conditions are the perfect breading ground and once the water has dissipated and you think the place is starting to dry naturally you could be in for a shock. We will come in and know the areas that will be prone to mold growth and we want the place to be bone dry before you fix any plaster board or replace any flooring. If it’s not you could be unaware that you might be in the process of making a potential mold breeding ground by locking in that moisture which could lead to black mold and other nasty spores that will affect one’s health.

    We have modern and immediate techniques to extract flood water and get a place to the point where it will be dry very quickly. We work with you and your insurance company to get you back in your home as soon as disaster strikes. And if you are not insured we have finance options to help you pay for the damage in installments. We want to make sure you are not stuck in a wet home so we do everything possible to get you situated.

    We will do the following once on site:
    • Kill the electricity so it can’t injure anyone
    • Use our flood pumps to get the water out of the area
    • Once the place is water free we use thermal drying equipment
    • Freeze drying equipment will also be looked at to stop mold
    • Let the drying process begin and monitor
    • Once dry fix the areas and get you back in your place
    • Look for any other potential flooding sources that can be addressed now.

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